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Rupert Whale


MA Fine Art   UAL Central Saint Martins   London

BA (Hons) (part 2)  Middlesex University   London

Dip. Art and Design   Fine Art (part1)   Exeter College of Art   Devon UK

Rupert Whale employs a range of painting techniques to represent pictorial space. His particular emphasis is on the dual nature of a painting as both a two-dimensional flat surface and an illusory object – implying depth, evoking emotion and creating narrative. His works are essentially abstract but often contain figurative elements.

His subjects are frequently drawn from observation of his immediate surroundings. He uses line — expressive, gestural and rhythmic — to lead the eye into and around the pictorial space. Various painting techniques, including layering by paint drag and squeegee, partly disrupt underlying images.

Herb Shellenberger’s Review of Rupert Whale’s Central Saint Martins MA Fine Art Exhibition Paintings

6 June 2017

In his Slippage series, Rupert Whale shows three works that reveal surprising and fractured approaches to abstract painting. Hard-edged borders become blurred or covered by objects while solid and squeegeed colour forms mix with simple drawings. “Slippage 4” seems to at first reveal an inset view of the larger background image. Upon closer inspection, the shaped section reveals a different narrative based on the same tonality but incorporating more coherence in shape and structure.

Misconceptions like this become productive moments in the artist’s canvases, drawing the viewer in and producing unexpected dissonances. Whale dispenses with the rigidity we might associate with artists like Gerhard Richter in favour of a more ambiguous tenor and a generous interaction with the viewer.

While the three large canvases are painted with a certainty that comes from experience, they also signal an artist who is in the process of developing new ideas and forms, a painter who is wilfully on the cusp of new ideas and experiments that he is diligently working through.

Herb Shellenberger, Independent Curator


2019  CodexCampari  winner of Campari commission first shown in Estorick Gallery, London  to join permanent collection in Campari Gallery, Milan

2017   Slippage 5 selected for University of the Arts London Collection

Slippage 4 chosen by rapper Swizz Beatz for The Dean Collection, No Commission  Berlin

2015 Work in Tim Sayer collection (bequeathed to The Hepworth Museum, Wakefield)

Slippage 3, Oil and acrylic on canvas
Slippage 4, Oil and acrylic on canvas

Solo Exhibitions

2018/19  Critical Mass  Cloisters  Temple  London

2013   Rupert Whale  The Stonespace Gallery  London

Selected Exhibitions and Residencies


Showcase   Koppel Project Exchange   Piccadilly   London

Show-Off  Menier Gallery   Southwark   London

Residency  Brisons Veor   Cape Cornwall   UK


Winter Salon  Offshoot Gallery  East Finchley London

Campari Commission  Estorick Collection  Islington  London

No Captcha Thanks  The Offshoot Gallery  East Finchley  London

Commixture  The Koppel Project Central   Soho London

Colour  Luren gallery  Suzhou  China

Call That Art  The Old Parcel Office  Scarborough, then Islington Arts Factory

Residency  Brisons Veor  Cape Cornwall  UK


Critical Mass solo exhibition  Cloisters  Temple  London

The A5 Show  Koppel Project  Holborn  London

Summer Residency  Koppel Project  Holborn  London

Slightly Seared on the Reality Grill  Unit 5 Gallery  London

Is this Art? The Old Parcel Office  Scarborough  Yorkshire UK

Painting / Prints  Sichuan University Gallery  Chengdu  China

From the Outside Looking In  The Zetter Hotel  Clerkenwell  London

Flock 17  London Graduates GTX Gallery  Camberwell  London

Paint Works  Art Pavilion  Mile End  London

Bacardi “No Commission” The Dean Collection  Berlin

Degree Show One  Lethaby Gallery  Central Saint Martins University London

Show 4  Central Saint Martins  London

Drawing  Oxo Building  London

Leave Your Mark  CSM Tate Art Exchange  Tate Modern  London

3 Painters  The Original Gallery  London

Refit at the Rag Factory  Heneage Street  London

Four London Painters  54 The Gallery  London

Selected for 2 person show  The Zetter Hotel  Clerkenwell  London

Transitions  The Original Gallery  London

The Journey  Lauderdale House  London

Revealing the Hidden  CityLit  London

When the Walls Come Down  Norlington Studios  London

Mural Collage Darwin College refectory  University of Kent at Canterbury UK