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Campari commissioned four Central Saint Martins (UAL) MA Fine Art alumni, through Business and Innovation, each to create a 2d artwork to celebrate 100 years of their cocktail Negroni  in October 2019. CodexCampari was the one chosen to join the permanent collection in the Campari gallery, Milan.

The twenty panels, each 25 x 25 x 2 cm, were machine-cut from mdf, then covered with many layers of gesso, sanded and painted in acrylic.

The vertical format was designed to be reminiscent of a smartphone App icon, the panels as keys to virtual and even actual realms. The corners are rounded and the surface appearing cushioned and smooth, invites the viewer to touch but at the same time, as an art object, tantalisingly forbids them to do so. They also reference Russian icons and Malevich’s Black Square.