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Polarise OXXO XOOX

Polarise OXXO XOOX was a response to the political situation arising from Brexit and the increasingly polarised and hardened attitudes evident in the UK elections of November 2019 and many nations worldwide. Originally titled Manifesto it does, as the title suggests, offer alternative arrangements but questions whether the outcomes are actually that different.

The shape of the the panels, derived from a previous commission from Campari, CodexCampari, was designed to emulate an App icon in 3d. The corners are rounded and the surface appears cushioned and smooth, inviting the viewer to touch but at the same time, as an art object, tantalisingly forbids them to do so. It also references traditional Russian icons and Malevich’s Black Square.

Polarise OXXO XOOX4 mdf panels, gesso, acrylic paint spray   51 x 51 x 3 cm.